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Weber BBQ Range

Dive into the world of premium grilling with The Gas Showroom's extensive Weber range. 

For over two decades, we've been the trusted destination for barbecue enthusiasts seeking the best in quality, innovation, and flavour. Whether you're a seasoned griller or just starting your BBQ journey, our curated collection of Weber grills and accessories promises to transform every outdoor cooking experience. Partner with us and discover why Weber stands unparalleled in the realm of barbecuing.


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Weber q

Compact, powerful and contemporary, the Weber Q range of gas barbecues are the ultimate anytime barbecue!

Premium Gas

For those looking for barbecue precision... the premium gas range is perfect!


For that authentic barbecue taste you can't go past a charcoal barbecue!


No matter where you live or what’s cooking - plug in your electric barbecue and you’re good to go!

wood pellet

Get that authentic woodfire flavour with the wood pellet barbecue range!


Level up with the range of purpose built Weber accessories!

Weber BBQs: The Ultimate Grilling Experience

A Grill for Every Occasion: Dive into the world of Weber BBQs, where premium quality meets unmatched flavour. From the iconic Weber Kettle to the versatile Weber Q range, every grill is designed to offer a unique barbecuing experience.

The Weber Genesis & Weber Charcoal: For those who crave the traditional charcoal flavour, the Weber Charcoal and Weber Genesis series are a must-try. These BBQs bring out the authentic smoky taste that barbecue enthusiasts love.

Innovative Features: With the Weber iGrill thermometer, you can ensure your meat is cooked to perfection every time. And with the Weber's grease management system, cleaning up after your BBQ is a breeze. The cast iron hotplate not only ensures even cooking but is also easy to clean, making your post-BBQ chores minimal.

Shop the Latest Weber Products: Whether you're looking for the compact Weber Baby Q, the family-friendly Family Q, or the advanced Weber Pulse, The Gas Showroom has a range of Weber products to suit every need. And don't forget to check out the Weber accessories to enhance your grilling experience further.

Gas, Electric, and More: Whether you prefer gas grill convenience or the traditional feel of a kettle bbq, Weber offers a range of options. The Weber Q series, available in both gas and electric, ensures you have flexibility in how you cook.

Visit Us In-Store: Experience the full range of Weber BBQs in-store at The Gas Showroom. Our Weber specialists are on hand to guide you, ensuring you find the perfect grill tailored to your needs. From the latest Weber Q series to the classic Kettle, discover the magic of Weber in person.

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Shop the Weber Q Range - Baby Q, Family Q, and more

From Baby Q to Family Q: The Q series, including the popular Baby Q and Family Q, offers a range of grills designed to enhance your cooking. With cast iron cooking grills and an easy to manage grease system, these BBQs are not only efficient but also easy to clean.

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Weber Traveler: The Ultimate Companion for On-the-Go Grilling

Discover the Weber Traveler: Designed for those who love to explore, the Weber Traveler offers unparalleled portability without compromising on performance. Whether you're camping in the wilderness or enjoying a beachside barbecue, this grill ensures you have the Weber quality wherever you go. Its compact design, combined with its robust features, makes it a favourite among our customers at The Gas Showroom. Experience the freedom to grill anytime, anywhere with the Weber Traveler.

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Weber Pulse: Revolutionising Electric Grilling

Experience the Weber Pulse: Step into the future of grilling with the Pulse. This electric grill is perfect for those who seek the Weber grilling experience in places where gas or charcoal might not be feasible. With its precise temperature control and the convenience of electric power, the Pulse delivers consistent results every time. Ideal for balconies, patios, or any outdoor space, it's a testament to Weber's commitment to innovation. Visit The Gas Showroom to see the Weber Pulse in action and redefine your grilling standards.

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Weber Spirit II E-320 & Premium Gas Grills

The Pinnacle of Barbecuing: For those seeking the ultimate in BBQ excellence, the Weber Spirit II E-320 and other premium gas grills offer unparalleled performance. With stainless steel burners and a cast iron hotplate, these grills are designed for those who accept nothing but the best.

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Shop Weber Accessories

Elevate Your Grilling Game


Complete Your BBQ Experience: Weber's range of accessories is meticulously designed to complement your grilling sessions. From essential tools to innovative add-ons, each accessory is crafted to enhance your Weber BBQ experience.

iGrill Thermometer: Never second-guess your cooking again. With the Weber iGrill thermometer, monitor your meat's internal temperature in real-time, ensuring perfectly cooked dishes every time.

Grill Brush & Maintenance: Keep your BBQ clean and in top condition with Weber's grill brush. Designed to efficiently remove residue, it's an essential tool for every grill enthusiast. Plus, with Weber's grease management system, maintaining your BBQ has never been easier.

Cast Iron Cooking Grills & Hotplate: Upgrade your grilling surface with Weber's cast iron cooking grills. Known for their heat retention and even cooking, these grills are a game-changer. And for those who love a good sear, the cast iron hotplate is a must-have.

Weber Premium Accessories: Looking for something extra? Explore the Weber premium range, featuring high-quality tools and add-ons that are designed to enhance your grilling experience. From stainless steel burners to the Weber Spirit II E-320's advanced features, there's something for every BBQ aficionado.

Find Your Perfect Accessory: Whether you're shopping online or you've come in to see us in person at The Gas Showroom, our range of Weber barbecues ensures you'll find the perfect accessory to match your grilling needs. Our Weber specialists are always on hand to offer expert advice and recommendations.

We Are Your Weber BBQ Specialist

As Weber specialists, we pride ourselves on offering expert advice to help you find your perfect grill. Whether you're shopping online or in person at the store, our team is here to guide you every step of the way. Buy Weber BBQ products with us online and in-store and find out why using a Weber will take your outdoor cooking adventures to the next level.

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