Service and Installations

The Gas Showroom have a team of qualified gas plumbers and electricians that can install your new heater, hot water system.. in fact, any gas appliance!

All gas appliances and specifically flueless heaters within your home should be periodically inspected to:

  • to prevent reduced efficiency which can increase your gas bill substantially
  • to ensure no escape of dangerous gases, such as carbon monoxide – keep your family safe
  • to reduce any potential fire risk or operational hazard – peace of mind
  • to maintain the appliances – safety should take priority in your home

It’s recommended all gas appliances are inspected every two years, especially those inside your home. And all appliances over 10 years should be serviced every year

Our Portable Heater Service and Repair:

Drop your heater into The Gas Showroom at any time , your service will be completed in approximately seven days and includes:

  • Overall operational assessment of your heater
  • Gas hose and bayonet safety check
  • Remove and clean all filters
  • Remove all internal dust build up from the fan and internal working of unit
  • Inspect gas injectors for correct size and operation
  • Clean the bits you cant reach with the cover fitted
  • Replace and test heater for correct working operation

The cost of servicing a portable gas heater is from $150.


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