The Gas Showroom Weber Premium Q BBQ Accessories July - 10 Day Giveaway


The Gas Girls will give you any Accessories of YOUR choice when you buy one of the Weber Premium Q range —EXTENDED to August 2nd..Hurry!
Get $30 of Accessories with The Baby Q
Get $40 of Accessories
 with the Q
Get $50 of Accessories  
with The Family Q

The Gas Showroom is open 7 days

“The Gas Girls show you how easy it is to order and EITHER park and come into the store , get your free gloves and hand sanitiser and tap on EFTPOS.. OR just call the Girls with your Order and THEY will load whatever you need into your car when you arrive! Easy Peasy. No Need to come into the store of you don’t want to ( though we CAN fit 30 people into the Showroom using the Govt’s 4 meter rule).”