Top 5 FAQ’s When Buying a Gas Log Fireplace

Top 5 FAQ’s regarding Gas Log Fireplaces selection and installation 

Q 1. We are planning on installing a gas log fire into an existing masonry fireplace with a proper working chimney.

A: If it is going into an existing masonry fireplace with a proper working chimney, you have the option of putting in a gas log fire where the chimney can act as the flue
OR you can install the Gas log fire into the existing fireplace and put a flue inside the chimney.
It depends on which fire you prefer the look of and then there are different flueing options.

Q 2. We are planning on installing a new fireplace into a new home/renovation where we will be installing the gas log fire on an external wall – and the house is two stories.

A: You have the option of putting a firebox outside the house and having the flue go off the back of the firebox. Therefore you will not have to build a mock fire in the room and the flueing will not have to go up past the second storey of the house.
Alternatively, you can build a mock fireplace into the room and have the flue go directly out the back.

Q 3. We would like to install a fire on an internal room of a house and there is a second storey, so we cannot flue vertically. Is there any way we can still install a fire?
:  Yes, if there is access underneath the house and it is not on a concrete slab, you have the option of flueing down and out.

Q 4 .We do not have natural gas connected to our house. Is it possible to install a fire that runs of gas bottles?
A; Yes, we supply fires in both natural gas and  LPG ( bottled gas)

Q 5. We don’t want to have to build a mock fireplace and the fire is going on an internal wall.
If the house is single storey, you can install a freestanding log fire (where the flue is visible).

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