Complete Australian Charcoal BBQ Kettle Cookbook


Written by Margaret Kirkwood and Ross McDonald,  Weber’s ‘Complete Australian Charcoal BBQ Kettle Cookbook’ is 224 pages, hard bound, has 200 colour photos and over 400 recipes! 


Weber’s ‘Australian Charcoal BBQ Kettle Cookbook’ is 224 pages, hard bound, has 200 colour photos and over 400 recipes! 
Margaret is a gourmet cooking expert that has entertained Australians through cooking schools, TV, Radio & Newspaper articles – acquiring her first Weber in 1977 prior to meeting Ross.

Ross McDonald lit his first barbecue kettle in 1973 and quickly perfected the Weber-style cooking the Australian way.
In 1978 he was appointed the Weber Representative in Australia.
Ross quickly perfected the cooking technique, starting from demonstrating Kettle BBQ Roasting to prospective customers. Once they tasted the Flavour – he had a customer.
Over 30 years later, he is the Managing Director of the Weber Australia.

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