One of our customers spent a long time in the Showroom the other morning, carefully selecting several Weber BBQ Accessories as gifts.
We loaded them all into the big Weber carry bag and he went to his car. So far, so good.
Just a few minutes later, we went out to a delivery truck in the parking area .. and noticed that same Weber Carry bag lying with contents strewn about- clearly having been run over!Weber Accessories Run over in Parking Space by Customer

We called the customer immediately and he raced back to the store, sheepishly telling us he had rushed off to “get coffee” and forgotten the bag at the back of the car space…(Coffee deprivation clearly an issue!)

The pics show that although the outside cardboard was a little worse for wear- not ONE of the Accessories was actually damaged, due to the fabulous Weber interior supporting cardboard!Hooray!
Weber Accessories Run over by customer! -checking them out in Showroom

The Weber Carry bag didn’t fare quite as well.
One relieved customer set off again …