Gas Hot Water

Gas Hot Water

We specialise in both gas storage hot water and continuous flow gas hot water systems

Storage hot water is the traditional style way of heating your hot water.
It is a big system that has a pilot light running constantly to keep the water hot, so You are paying for the gas to run 24/7.

A continuous flow gas hot water system only operates when there is a hot water tap running.

Once the tap is turned on there is an electronic ignition that ignites the gas.  The water heats as it goes over the gas flame and through the heating chamber.
It is a very economical way of running your gas hot water, because if you are out at work or away, it is not costing you a cent to run.
It also takes up a lot less space than a traditional storage tank.

The Gas Showroom can also supply and install gas storage hot water with our qualified , expert techs  if that suits your needs.

We have hot water specialists that can advise on the best system for you.
We will arrange installation and also remove your old hot water!

For more information, contact The Gas Showroom on  (02) 9412 3933,
email us at or complete our online enquiry form.

Incentive period: April 1 – October 31 2018 (7 months) Jemena is offering a VISA cash back card on purchase and installation of the following new natural gas appliances to replace a non natural gas appliance: Natural Gas Rebates!

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